The man behind the camera - photo shooting with a twist

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The man behind the camera - photo shooting with a twist

What do you see when you look at a photograph? We all think that we see the places, people or whatever there is captured in the photo. The truth is, in most photographs we see what the photographer saw or wanted us to see. One of the first things one learns when wanting to become a professional photographer is composition. It is important what you include in the picture, but equaly important is what you leave out of it.

The video below takes this further and experiments with a very interesting idea. Take one person, tell different stories, and have different photographers caputre that. Not surprisngly, the story behind each photo shoot influenced the photographers to a degree that if you look at their pictures it’s almost as if they were shooting a different person.

This is revealing in multiple ways but what I find intriguig is the power of the “story". Just by telling a different story, people will efectivelly see a person in a totally different light.

Take a look a the images below - same person, different stories, a totaly different photograph.