Sketch 43

April 7, 2017
Radu N

Sketch has released an update to their software. Sketch is now at the release number 43. The big news with the today's release is the new file format. It seems, Sketch will now save files in JSON format and it will make it easier for 3rd party developers to interact with the Sketch files.

This release includes over 40 improvements and bug fixes (who knew there are so many bugs?). It seems SVG export and import functions were tweaked and they are now faster and better, the interaction with Sketch Mirror has been streamlined, making it easier for Mirror to display large artboards faster.

Image manipulation was also optimized. It used to be a pain to work with large images. Bohemian Coding team addresses that issue in today's release and working with images should be smoother and faster.

One of the nice improvements is to how vector editing works in Sketch. Clicking on a point on a vector shape, it will show both the control handles for that particular point and also for the adjacent vector points in the path. This significantly reduces the time and improves the control over the shape.

Enhanced vector editing in Sketch

Enhanced vector editing in Sketch


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