Abstract: The Art of Design

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Abstract: The Art of Design

Designers, as creative individuals, are capable of creating and coming up with fantastic ideas, smart solutions to real-life problems and make the world around them a nicer place. This creativity, however, is not unlimited. They need to sit down, relax and get inspired, by the amazing work of their fellow designers. Their creativity needs its dose of inspiration, weather on a daily basis or whenever possible.

Netflix, it seems, is going to stream soon, a new show called "Abstract: The Art of Design." After watching the trailer online, I have to say that I am impressed. I have finally discovered a TV show that I want to follow, get into it and enjoy. The documentary, with an impressive collection of graphic designers, architects, car designers and many other big names from a lot of creative industries.

Names like Paula Scher, Christopher Nieman, Platon (Photographer), Tinker Hatfield, Ralph Gilles, Bjarke Inels, Ilse Crawford and Es Devlin, make me excited about this new Netflix production.

The show will transport us through their creative process, explore their works and show us how the product of their imaginations shaped our everyday lives.

To say that I am exited about this is an understatement. I really look forward to watching this. The show will start in February 2017, and it will be only streamed on Netflix.